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From the ren faire :
"I was wondering if the GBU are going to perform at KAF this year [2004]? You guys are great."
"As faire organizer for the NCM [Northern Catskill Mountain] Renfaire, I had the pleasure of working with Autumn Tree Productions. Under the direction of Stephen Pasker, the acts that Autumn Tree Provided were fantastic. All of the entertainers, (Sheriff Bracken, The Great Unwashed, and The Good The Bad & The Ugly) and Autumn Tree Armored Combat (David Lyons and Henry Arredondo, who provided armored demonstrations,) were extremely professional, cooperative, flexible, and wonderfully entertaining. The crowds just loved them all. I am happy to invite them all back for NCMRF 2006!"
Pretentious Wenches
M.A. Tarpinian
Cairo Chamber of Commerce
From the school :
"I wanted to thank you for the incredible presentation today. The students couldn't stop talking about how cool it was. They kept commenting on how it seemed like they were really talking to someone from the Middle Ages. Your actors were fantastic in their roles, but more importantly in the way they interacted with the students. We are more and more impressed each time we work with your company. The teachers and students thank you so much for making another learning experience so wonderful. We look forward to the future meetings and lessons.

In addition to the presentations, the lesson plans that you gave us are fantastic! The teachers were so impressed with the professionalism in your presentation. Thank you.

Looking forward to working with you again."
Travis Stevens
Social Studies Teacher
John Wallace Middle School
Newington, CT
"I just wanted to let you guys [Tragidiots] know that the students and faculty in both schools couldn't stop talking about how great of a performance today was. I had high hopes and you guys truly exceeded them. Thanks and we really can't wait for the next interaction with you guys!
Just overall, beyond professional and entertaining!

We all thank you"
Travis Stevens
Social Studies Teacher
John Wallace Middle School
Newington, CT
"I want to thank [Seth] and Scott and Stephen [GBU] so much for coming [to Edward Little High School] on Friday, it was awesome, and I'm sure that everyone else thought so too. I also want to say thanks for getting me up on the stage, I actually thought that was really fun."

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From the private function:
"Thank you so much for sending us the Pretentious Wenches. Lizza, Sally and Kate did a wonderful job. They came in character and remained in character interacting with the guests for the 1.5 hours they were at the party before they did their act. And their act was wonderful. Everyone thought it was brilliant and roared in appreciation. We have gone to the New York Renaissance Festival in New York at Sterling for two decades and this act would be fantastic there and a huge success for the bawdier, edgier New Yorkers.

Thank you again."
David Mager
Hatfield, MA
"For a bunch of disorderly louts they were surprisingly well behaved. They [GBU] only drank 3 casks of ale* at the reception, asked politely before manhandling the groom, and only assaulted the more annoying of our relatives. I'd definitely ask them back to my next wedding."

Aoife Barrington-Haber
"Hi Stephen, I just wanted to say thanks for your performance {Master at Arms} for the Cubs Friday night. I had a rush of parents and Scouts tell me afterward that it was the best Pack meeting of the year! The parents loved that you can weave a history lesson into something so fun. And the Cubs especially like seeing one of their leaders stuffed into armor and whacked with a broadsword!"
Jono Reduker
Assistant Pack Leader
Pack 21, Clipper Council
From the corporate event :
Vikings at corporate event
"I can't thank you [Stephen Pasker] enough for a great job from your performers, they really played their characters well. Our customers can be difficult as they are focused on doing their business when at the auction, not being entertained. I felt your cast did an excellent job interacting with the dealers and helping to lighten things up a bit."
James Dodd
Director of Special Events
Southern Auto Auction

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From working in production:
"The Connecticut Renaissance Faire first hired Autumn Tree Productions because, as a beginning faire, we could only afford a few acts and the ones we hired had to carry much of the weight of the faire. We chose ATP's fight show because it was well executed and showcased education, humor and armed combat. We have had their fight show back each year since 1999 and have always been pleased.

We were so pleased with ATP's organization that in 2001 we brought aboard their mud show and their armored combat team. The Mud show as a huge hit with families and the armored combat was a stunning centerpiece to our day. The amount of effort the ATP folks put into not only their shows, but increasing the atmosphere of the whole event throughout the day, solidified our decision to work closely with their entire team.

In 2002, we hired Autumn Tree Productions to produce the main show for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire. They recruited, wrote, trained, directed and costumed the entire main production consisting of 50 or so actors entertaining faire guests throughout the entire day. In addition, they provided their own fight show, a mud show and an armored combat show. 2002 was a fantastic year and it was in no small part due to the efforts of Autumn Tree Productions. They have produced our main shows every year since then and it has been one of our consistently applauded decisions each year.

We have since used Autumn Tree Productions to provide a Joust Team for the Connecticut Renaissance Faire (Paragon Jousting), a medieval game show style comedy (Sheriff Bracken's Wheel of Misfortune and Trial and Dunke), as well as to provide color and authenticity to our parade performances and public appearances, as well as atmosphere at weddings. We have also expanded their responsibilities with our faire to include training a musical group. They did such a fine job at this that the Connecticut Renaissance Faire was recognized two years in a row as having the best music of any faire in New England.

We have found Autumn Tree Productions to be first and foremost, professionals who are very sensitive to the final outcome of their work. They are easy to work with and make sure that the unique nature of each event is expressed in their shows. They have consistently gone the extra mile to make not just their own shows, but the entire event entertaining. We have found their contacts in the industry to be very helpful, giving them the ability to offer a wide range of show types and styles to fit our needs. We plan to continue using them each year and I would highly recommend ATP to event planners small or large as entertainers that can be relied on to consistently deliver the highest quality entertainment."
Dan Desilets
Connecticut Renaissance Faire
860 420-8629
"Autumn Tree Productions has been a joy to work with both as an employer and as a source of entertainment. The shows they produce are of very high quality in terms of production values including attention to historical details, excellent character portrayals full of life and fun to engage with, original shows with fantastic fight work and professional work ethics in terms of negotiations with presenters. I have also had the pleasure of working for them as a director and can say they always have an eye for creating quality work strive to improve on their methods when they see they are not working. This is a rapidly growing organization which is exciting to work with."
Jodi Clark
Theatrical Director
Vermont Renaissance Festival

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